Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christmas Gift Hampers – It’s the Festive Season - a time for giving

Aaah, Christmas! The Christmas holiday season is a magically special time when family and friends come together to celebrate, create memories, and recall Christmas's past as they continue traditions. What do you envision when you think of Christmas? Children's eager faces? Christmas shopping or Christmas carols? Decorating the tree? Special Christmas recipes? Christmas cards and family traditions? Gift-giving? The memories of past holidays and the anticipation of future Christmas seasons keeps us all looking forward to all that Christmas has to offer.
Log onto our webpage,, to view our stunning selection of Christmas gift hampers or call us on 27 11 469 1837 to customize your hamper to your specific requirements. All our hampers are beautifully wrapped in a Christmas theme and delivered overnight to anywhere in South Africa.

Christmas Traditions:
The traditions surrounding the celebration of this season are almost as
numerous as the people who celebrate it. Through the years, the holiday has been adapted to local customs, culture, and history and so has produced an amazing variety of Christmas traditions around the world. Some, such as the giving of gifts or the use of a star, arose directly or indirectly out of the biblical nativity stories. Some, such as the legends of Saint Nicholas, have their origin in church history, historical fact that became legendary as it was embellished in story. Others, such as the use of evergreens and the yule log, have pagan origins but were transformed into distinctively Christian traditions. Others, such as the use of a crèche or caroling, arose first as local traditions in certain countries or regions that became widely adopted. And still others, such as, reindeer, elves, the North Pole, etc., have largely secular origins and are only loosely associated with the holiday in popular imagination or marketing techniques.


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