Wednesday, July 15, 2009

National Secretaries’ Day, 2010 – South Africa

Many of us do not even realise they are around us. They schedule our appointments and remind us of things we have to take care of. They bring us tea when we are thirsty and cope with us when we are in a bad mood. Well, if you have completely forgotten what day we are talking about, here is a quick reminder – secretaries' day.

Secretaries’ Day is celebrated annually on the first Wednesday of September to recognise the work of office professionals.

Celebrate the third most important person in your life [Wife-1st, Mother-2nd] by showing your secretary how much they are appreciated. Dedicate this one day to them, after all it is they that keeps things running smoothly all year round, no matter how bumpy the ride. Remember that by doing something special for them on that day, you will show them that you really are grateful for everything they do for you and that they are just as important to you as your most valuable client.

A gift is always appropriate, because you can certainly not afford to give them time off! You would be at a loss without them! Log onto our webpage,za for some valuable Secretaries’ Day gift ideas


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