Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Secretary's Day Gift Ideas

Don’t look so worried, we have the perfect Secretary's Day gift ideas. Follow these simple suggestions to the letter, and you are certain to be reciprocated when Boss’s Day comes around!
Secretary’s Day is a holiday observed on Wednesday of the first full week of September. It was established to recognize the hard work of secretaries, and other support personnel.

History of Secretary’s Day
Secretary's Day was all part of the master plan of Harry F. Klemfuss. [With a last name like that, he was accustomed to having people ‘fuss’ over him] In 1952, Klemfuss devised a whole week dedicated to secretaries during what he called National Secretaries Week. Remember, June Cleaver “I’m breading cutlets” of Leave it to Beaver fame. This was a popular US television sit-com during the 1950’s. The Mother in the series is a portrayal of a 1950’s homemaker. It was during this era that Harry Klemfuss decided women needed encouragement to enter the workforce. His idea was to create a special day to honor secretaries in hopes of enticing more females into the job position.

Celebrate the third most important person in your life [Wife-1st, Mother-2nd] by showing your secretary how much they are appreciated. A gift is always appropriate, because you can certainly not afford to give them time off! You would be at a loss without them!

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