Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Best Flower Vases for Flower Arrangements

The best rule when choosing a container or the best vase for flower arrangement is to think beyond a simple glass vase. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a vase, in fact you can use just about any container that you might have around your house.
Before you start deciding on how to lay out your flower arrangement you need to decide on the container or vase you're going to put them in.
The vase or container you use can make or break the flower arrangement and there are a host of other interesting containers to choose from.
When picking something to put your flowers in, think about:
Line direction – how will the flower arrangement look? Will it be long and tall or big and wide?
Colour – will the container or vase fit with the colours you're going to use?
Texture – will the container or vase complement the flower arrangement? Will a basket work or would something simple and smooth work better?
Size – is the container in proportion to the size and width of the flower arrangement? Remember the 1/3 rule - the vase or container should make up one third of the total flower arrangement, the rest with flowers or other materials.
Let your creativity shine through – have a look around your house for containers or vases you could use. You may be surprised by the choice you have in your cupboards. Here are some ideas:
Country containers: terracotta pots, baskets, watering cans, and clay pitchers.
Contemporary containers: simple shapes with even lines and minimal details.
Traditional containers: elegant containers made of traditional materials like silver and porcelain (tea pots and candy dishes).
South African inspired containers: woven baskets, African clay pots, empty potjies
Let your creativity flow. Even if the container cannot hold water, pop a regular vase inside to hold the flowers and then place the flower arrangement in the container. Then sit back and enjoy your creative new floral container.
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