Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Wonderful Uses of Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes have been used for many years. The main uses of Gift Boxes are to present a gift with. The idea of Gift Boxes is to have the receiver in anticipation and full of excitement as to what is inside. Gift boxes can be round or square. We refer to round gift boxes as Hat boxes.
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We are living in a competitive market and society and therefore must try and be different with our Gift Boxes. Gift Boxes looking like everybody else’s will make us look like everyone else. Gift Boxes can either be very classic or Gift Boxes can create excitement and fun. When choosing Gift Boxes for your company it is important to give it some thought. What image do you want to portray with your Gift Boxes? Do you want you Gift Boxes to be thrown away afterwards or do you want your gift boxes to be used afterwards by the receiver. Most companies would prefer a longer life for their gift boxes so that the Gift Boxes keep on reminding their client about them.
Gift Boxes can be made up in either a textured paper (Wibalin), shiny sparkle paper (Stardream) or Matt paper. If you wish to go the extra mile you can have your Gift Boxes covered in your companies Pantone colour and add your company logo. Gift Boxes can also be foiled with your logo. Gift Boxes can also be covered in a wide variety of handmade paper. Gift Boxes can be made up in any size to suit your specific need. Measure the product you want to put inside and add a bit for Tissue Paper or Lining. When giving your measurements for your Gift Boxes start by looking from the top of your Gift Boxes , length and width and then the depth of your. Measurements are taken in mm. Windows can be added to Gift Boxes in order to show the gift to others. Gift Boxes need not be plain in the inside. You can line your Gift Boxes in either white or in the same colour as your paper on the inside. Gift Boxes can have a lining in satin on the inside to help keep your product neatly in its place. You can also add a matching or contrasting Tissue paper in side your Gift Boxes to add that special touch.Gift Boxes and ribbon or bows are what make them stand out in the crowd. A contrasting ribbon can turn your gift box into a special Gift. In choosing the width of a ribbon it is better to rather go for a wider ribbon, it will make your Gift Boxes more appealing. Why not add 2 or even 3 ribbons to your Gift Boxes? In the event you really want to stand out with your Gift Boxes, we can design paper especially for your needs. You can even have tissue paper printed with your company logo to add to your Gift Boxes. Ribbon can also be printed with your company logo in order to add that special touch to your Gift Boxes.
You might ask: why go to all this trouble with Gift Boxes? Why not just give a gift wrapped in some gift wrap? Very often it is not what we give but how we give it. Gift Boxes give you the opportunity to give the gift with style.Gift Boxes can turn a normal gift into something worth remembering.


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