Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Gift boxes are synonym with weddings. Wedding favours, wedding gifts, and numerous other items needs gift packaging in beautiful gift boxes. Brides spend months in advance planning their big day and how gift packaging will be used. Invitations are handmade or printed and posted in gift packaging. Wedding favours for guests come in exquisitively wrapped gift boxes. Once the theme for the wedding is decided on, gift packaging can be planned accordingly. Receiving invitations in special gift box makes the guests feel special and urges them to attend.
Romantic weddings with lots of ribbons and flowers ask for gift boxes complementing the theme. Modern weddings ask for more straight line gift boxes. 60’s weddings ask for round and curved lines and your gift packaging will then include hat gift boxes. Ribbons, raffia and other accessories need to compliment the gift packaging and bring out the colour you decide on. A designer rule when looking at your colour and planning your gift packaging is the 80/30/spot principle. For example if your wedding colour theme is purple, white and pink. Use 80% white, 30% purple and touches of pink on your decorations and gift packaging. White tables in this instance will be in perfect harmony if your gift packaging is purple with pink ribbons. Whether choosing organza ribbons or satin ribbons is up to the theme you wish to portray.In the end your ambiance will be perfect if you keep to these principles in your décor.
Modern brides have list at favourite stores where guests can purchase gifts for the couple. Plan your gift packaging so that guests can have their gifts placed in your choice gift box. Your gift box can then afterwards be used in your home for storage. This will remind you of your big day and help you organize your first home.Very often you receive double of the same gift or an item you honestly can’t see yourself using. When opening gifts and unwanted items are found, simple keep it in the gift box and pass on to the next person.
Weddings are special and are worth the effort we put in to them. Gift packaging is part of this effort. Photos will remind you of this special day, you don’t want a fraction of your big day not looking up to scratch.Visit our webpage www.giftinabox.co.za or contact us for free advice on your wedding gift packaging and boxes.


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