Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thinking Outside of "The Gift Box"

"It's all in the delivery," is a creed some people swear by when it comes to gift packaging. It's true when you think about it; some gifts seem even more valuable when they have the perfect gift packaging. Now more than ever, it's become 'in vogue' to have gift packaging covered in swirled ribbons, customized gift bags, customized gift boxes, impressionable wrapping, and logo branded boxes. It's normal to assume the gift inside the creative gift packaging design is equally as cool or carefully crafted. It's also your chance to further show the person that this occasion is special to you since you've thought of every detail - right down to the tissue paper!
Try colors and materials for your gift packaging that are "outside the box".While many of us think that gift packaging must be in traditional colors like red and green for Christmas or shades of fall for Thanksgiving, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to gift packaging and preparing cards. For many gift givers, the paper, bows and envelopes are an extension of their own personal style. Is hot pink and pale green really OK for Christmas gift packaging? If that's a favorite color combination - then why not? You've no doubt put a lot of time and energy into choosing a gift that reflects the interests and tastes of the person receiving the gift. All of that effort is even more personal when you consider the gift packaging presentation. Trendy, classic, artistic, eclectic - throw yourself into those papers and bows and make a great gift truly extraordinary.
Here are just a few gift packaging ideas; Explore gift packaging that reflects a gift's theme. When you've selected a gift specifically for a decorator, gourmet, artist, sports enthusiast or movie buff, it's always fun to use gift packaging that match the theme. Wrap the decorator's gift boxes in wallpaper with a paintbrush tied onto the bow or arrange the cook's gifts in fancy gift boxes with a specialty whisk tied with a ribbon to the lid. How about adding a few screws to the ribbons of the gift packaging for the handyman. Want to add a sweet (and homemade) touch to the holiday’s gift packaging? Consider mailing your gourmet brownies and bar cookies in Aluminium Tins. Cover the surface of the Aluminium tins with wax paper, fill the space with crumpled tissue, tie a ribbon or two around the Aluminium Tins and you have gift boxes uniquely to you. Not only do your treats arrive their freshest, but the recipient also gets new storage Aluminium tins!
Try a selection of prints and colors (stripes with dots?); the exquisite contrast of Gift boxes in Kraft paper with a few sprig of evergreen ribbons; or a sheet of tissue paper tied with an elegant organza ribbon bow. Gift Packaging need not be boring or contemporary. In the spirit of personal expression, you might also explore cellophane as a gift packaging option. How about raffia and ribbons twirled together around your gift boxes? Experiment and play, let your imagination loose and you will be surprised at your unique gift packaging ideas.
We at Gift in a Box would love to hear about your unique gift packaging ideas and assist you with any gift packaging requirements.


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