Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Perfect Corporate Gift

Corporate gift giving can be a very serious affair. As part of a well-planned campaign, giving gifts can help establish and maintain critical relationships. If you want the gift giving campaign to succeed there are many issues to consider. This article describes a few.

If we look at who would normally be on the receiving end of a corporate gift, it would undoubtedly the companies big clients, after that would be the employees of the company, and lastly the prospective clients. The first two reasons send out the same message: affirming relationships and enhancing connections between the gift giver, and the recipient.

Gifts could take the form of food, or useful items in the office or home. The type of gift is dictated by the meaning, and occasion.

A gift is not an incentive. An incentive has the precondition of performance.A gift is not an advert. It should not have blatant advertising or promotions all over it.

Even so, there is still some bottom-line benefit to be derived from giving out corporate gifts. It should still form part of the companies marketing strategy - if done correctly it is a very cost effective way of building relationships.

Here is an interesting statistic:The Promotional Products Association International has conducted surveys of corporate gift givers and recipients. The statistics show that vendors who gave gifts were twice as likely to increase their chances of being contacted by customers as those that didn’t have a gift campaign.

Is it ethical? Always check with the receiving company regarding their gift accepting policy. Some medical, insurance and financial service companies have very strict policy regarding gifts. Take care not to give gifts that might embarrass your client.

The best gifts are heart-felt, and they show it. Special care should be taken in preparing the gift. Invest in some nice wrapping paper, or give it in a well made gift box. Take the time to compose a personal, handwritten card. This can be as important as the gift itself, since your message to the recipient conveys your intentions and sincerity.


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