Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gift Packaging is the first impression your customer gets of you!

Take a moment and have a look at the products you sell or give away as gifts or promotions. What does it say about you? Is it a perfectly packaged gift hamper or a beautiful pre-wrapped promotional item? How about the shiny gold gift boxes with the ribbon bow that you give to customers if they buy one of your coffee mugs or albums?

All of these items have one thing in common: packaging! The gift packaging and wrap is the first things consumers notice when they see your products. It catches the eye and introduces the customer to the product, and also hopefully, to your company.

The Effective Use of Gift Packaging
Always try to match your gift packaging As the seasons change so should your choice of gift-wrap. If you offer a free gift wrapping service - be sure to select seasonal gift wrap paper. Some obvious choices for seasonal gift wrap would be:
Christmas themed wraps for the holiday season, as well as love themed wrap for Valentines, and suitable wrap for Easter..
Beautiful spring floral theme wraps along with Easter.
Bold summer sunflower patterned for summer and floral wrap for spring.

Matching gift tags is very useful, try to keep some on hand! The use of a gift wrapping service is sure to help boost the sales of your gift items. When wrapped a simple product suddenly becomes a gift that makes somebody feel worthy and special. Offering gift-wrap with your normal products will let your customers suddenly perceive it as gift items.


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