Thursday, February 12, 2009

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Her

It’s always great to receive a present, but it’s even more delightful when the gift is presented in a creative and thoughtful way? Here is a few ideas for wrapping presents that show the recipient just how much you care! Have fun when wrapping presents, it is true, sometimes it is more enjoyable to give than to receive!
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Women notice the little details, and will truly value thoughtfulness when a gift is wrapped with care. When wrapping her gift, add some sparkle with a keepsake brooch or pin attached to the ribbon instead of a bow. When using a sparkly item, keep the gift wrap and ribbon simple to focus the attention on the jewellery.

Another great idea is to use hues of the same colours when wrapping the gift. For instance use hues of pink, and accessorise with ribbons, embellishments, add some paper flowers to the top.

Themed gifts are great, how about using a corset theme when wrapping gifts for the bride to be. After wrapping your boxed gift in a plain sheer type wrapping paper, use a thicker board type paper in a hue lighter or darker that will almost wrap around the present leaving a gap in the front. Using ribbon and eyelets, make holes and lace the gap between the two sides up and tie a pretty bow at the end with a card.

Mothers day gifts can be decorated or even wrapped in the children’s works of art. Have them write a little note, or make a drawing to attach to the gift. How about adding copies of photos to the gift, or even wrapping the gift in a collage of photocopies of your favourite family photos!

Finally giving a bunch of flowers need not be boring. A few great ideas:

Buy a beautifully printed sheet of tissue paper, and wrap it around the flowers with a pretty ribbon.
Put it in a box! A hat box, or square box with a base and lid makes a wonderful temporary flower pot, add an organza ribbon, and you have a beautiful, thoughtful gift that says I love you!


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