Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Art of Giving

The history of gift giving can be traced back to the Romans. On the first day of January, around the Winter Solace, people gave each other gifts during a celebration. The gifts were originally evergreen branches, and later developed into cakes, to symbolize prosperity and sweetness in the coming year.
Gift boxes became popular over the Christmas season when gifts were meant to be a surprise. Whether your gift boxes are for a wedding favor, promotional item or celebration gift it is worth your while to invest in a well thought through Gift Box presentation. First impression is a well know fact, so your Gift Box is your first impression with the receiver. Make your Gift Box worth the effort and let your Gift Box also be a lasting impression.
Gift Boxes in the form of hat Gift boxes, cardboard Gift boxes, or corrugated Gift box are all reusable Gift Packaging ideas. No matter how small the gift your Gift Box will turn it into something special.
Promotional companies know the value of Gift Boxes, they have used and will always use alternative and exciting Gift Box ideas to stimulate the buyer. Gift Boxes can be customized with size, colour and logos in the form of foiling, stickers or printing. You can go the extra mile with your Gift Boxes by custom printing tissue paper and ribbon to make your gift stand out even more.
"I have always noticed that a man, who gives the most for the money, gets the most business." - Vash Young. This statement confirms the importance of Gift Boxes in the market place.
Gift in a Box understand this need of Gift Boxes and our service is aimed at helping you achieve your Perfect Gift Goal. Gift Boxes need not cost you a fortune and therefore we aim at giving you your Gift Boxes at the most affordable prices. Gift in a Box will assist you with your Gift Box budget. We are committed in giving you the best possible Gift Box service. Your customer will value you according to your Gift Box. It is very often the way we do things and not what we do that effect people.
Gift in a Box delivers gift hampers and gift boxes for every occasion throughout South Africa.


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